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3D Printed Origami Inspired Shelter

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

Origami Inspired Shelter

Origami Shape
Origami Cranes

Origami is an ancient art of folding technique that is commonly tied with Japanese culture. The word Origami came from two different words, first is “ori” which means “folding” and “kami” means “paper”. In modern cultures, the term “origami” is used to refer to any folding techniques, regardless of its origin in cultures. The aim is to use folding and sculpting techniques to turn a flat square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture. Cutting, using glue, and marks on the paper are typically discouraged by modern origami practitioners.


3D Printed Origami
3D Printed Origami Shape

Origami is not only used to express arts, or making paper sculptures. City like Los Angeles has utilized the design of origami to accommodate the homeless in origami-style shelters throughout the city and it is known as “Cardborigami”. The concept of using origami in architecture was designed by Hovsepian as a student at USC School of Architecture in 2007. Just like Hovsepian, a brilliant student from the American University of Dubai visited us in our office with a small origami shelter structure which she wanted to create a large model out of. When we saw the concept on a paper and immediately knew that this project would be a challenging task for us, but in Proto21 we do not back down from challenges. Our hard-working team at Proto21 started designing the model and came up with several iterations and prototypes to replicate the final desired result which was converting a sheet into a custom adjustable shelter. Our client also requested up to put a light in the center of origami shelter jaw dropping aesthetics. We used the combination of 3D printing, acrylic, and wiring techniques to bring the origami inspired shelter to life.

3D printed pieces for origami model

In the production phase, we 3D printed many small pieces using the FDM 3D printers to replicate the bending shape of a paper sheet. Once all small parts were printed our talented post processing team members complied hundreds of pieces with precision and detailed finishing techniques added the wiring and light in the center and created such a complicated model with the extreme level of precision. The final model was showcased in the architecture graduation exhibition held by the American University of Dubai.

3D Printed Origami Inspired Shelter
3D Printed Origami Inspired Shelter showcased in Architecture Graduation Exhibition held by American University of Dubai

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