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Color Jet Printing

Color Jet Printing

Color Jet Printing

Full Color Jet Printing also known as binder jetting is a 3D printing technique which involves depositing a binding agent into a powder bed, layer after layer to print a part.
The layers are created one after the other until the full model is completed. The models are 3D printed using a gypsum-based sandstone powder. Firstly, the main print head will pass over the powder surface and bind the powder articles together to form a layer. After a layer is completed, the powder bed is lowered and a new layer of powder is spread over the previous layer, making it easy to print multiple parts at a time. Inks with different colors are usually combined to produce different rays of colors.
After 3D printing, the printed parts are left to cure, later they are coated with an infilitrant material to increase the strength and also bring out the vibrancy of the colors. Any leftover powder which is bounded to the parts can be removed using compressed air. Furthermore techniques like sanding, painting, epoxy layering can also be done by a skilled team to improve the color and characteristic appearance of the 3D printed model.

Advantages Of Color Jet Printing

If you are looking for a colored prototype, Proto21 in Dubai brings you the greatest option to make your design stand out. Large print bed size and the ability to produce many colored parts make binder jetting ideal for architectural models, product design and development, education and medical models other colored fine art production. Below are few industries centered application of binder jetting technology. The process of binder jetting does not require any supports. The post processing time and material cost is highly reduced in binder jetting compared to other 3D printing technologies. Having the advantage of printing a photo realistic color models in high resolution that can enhance the look, feel and style of the printed parts is easily obtained using binder jetting.

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