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Reverse Engineering


Reverse engineering serves as a powerful tool for additive manufacturing. It allows product developers to recreate existing parts through precise digital scanning and modelling, making it easy to replicate complex parts and shortening the product development cycle. Whether you need to manufacture a legacy part that has no digital model or a spare part for replacement, Proto 21 reverse engineering services can address the specific application you need.

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Workflow - Reverse Engineering Services in the UAE

As a leading company in the UAE specializing in reverse engineering, our unique workflow encompasses multiple key steps, defined by our utmost attention to detail and supported by cutting-edge technology. This comprehensive process guarantees a seamless transition from meticulous 3D scanning to the production of superior parts and components.


The first step is 3D scanning, where we utilize advanced 3D equipment for high-precision scans to capture intricate details of existing parts.


The production of digital files, meanwhile, further ensures accuracy and fidelity to the original design and allows for fast modifications in real-time.


Meanwhile, the rigorous process of verifying accuracy validates the dimensional and functional accuracy of the digital model.

3D Scanning
Producing Digital File
Verifying Accuracy
Final Part
Prototyping allows designers to create functional prototypes for testing and evaluation, quickly and at scale.


Lastly, final parts production is done through additive manufacturing techniques. This can be the last stage of our 3D reverse engineering services, or the trigger before another cycle begins.


Many industries, such as aerospace, automotive and the medical sector, are increasingly leveraging the benefits of reverse engineering alongside additive manufacturing, with significant time and cost savings.



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