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We all know that there could be multiple industry necessities for 3D Printing. With customized tooling variants, 3D Printing can be highly useful to your enterprise. Robotics can’t be away from this; that is why the robotics industry and additive manufacturing goes hand in hand.

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Revolutionizing healthcare with 3D printing technology

3D printing is a technology that has the potential to transform the medical field by enabling the creation of customized medical devices, surgical guides, and even functional human tissues and organs. It can be used in surgical planning and training, and has the potential to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and increase access to care. While 3D printing is still a relatively new technology in the medical field, it has already shown promising results and is expected to play an increasingly important role in healthcare in the coming years.

Key Applications

Made-to-Order Prosthetics

Ergonomics aims to make the design of the packaging with human limitations. It is a hands-down winner. 3D Printing allows you to apply ergonomic principles to packaging design.

Custom Medical Devices

Highly detailed, accurate to micro levels, and smooth scale models printed by 3D printing technology is often used to showcase design ideas. These models also help in situations where CAD models are not sufficient for identifying design issues.

Medical Models for Training

The production of tools and injection molds can also benefit from 3D Printing. As per EY, thirty-nine percent of consumer products companies sees the value of 3D-printed tools in enhancing traditional manufacturing.



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