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3D Printed Figurines In Dubai, UAE

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

3D Printed Figurines widely knows us ‘mini-me’ or ‘3D Selfies’ are a 3D printed miniature figurine of a person based on their 2D pictures or a photorealistic scan. The demand for 3D Figurines have rapidly grown over the years as end users have become more and more excited about the technology and the results. In this article, we have put together various processes of 3D printing a figurine, the technologies involved and finally a link to get yourself a 3D Printed Figurine. To begin with here are the two processes involved in the making of the figurines,

First: The Process of creating a 3D File, 3D scanning or 3D modeling from 2D Images

A full body 3D scanning is generally used to capture the photo data of the client. However, 3D scanning may not completely be able to capture the contours and shiny objects resulting in inconsistent results. This is one major reasons why experts like us rely on building the 3D model from scratch. Once a 2D picture is received, the data will be analyzed by the 3D designer. It requires a lot of manual design job to fix the files before it can be 3D printed. Different 3D softwares are used to bring out the organic design and to fill in the missing texture. 3D Figurine making is an Art.

Second: The Process of 3D Printing a Figurine

Color jet printing or multi jet printing is mostly used to 3D print figurines. The models are 3D printed using a gypsum based sandstone powder. Firstly, the main print head will jet the binding agents and the second print head jets the colored ink. Inks with different colors are usually combined to produce different rays of colors. After 3D printing, the model are coated with an infiltrant material to increase the strength and also bring out the vibrancy of the colors. Furthermore a technique called epoxy layering can also be done by a skilled team to improve the color appearance of the 3D printed model.

Why it is important to use the right 3D printers to make 3D figurines,

At Proto21, we have the best multi-color 3D printer the Projet 660 pro from 3D Systems
for a full color industrial 3D printing of photorealistic objects. The Projet 660 pro has many advantages making it one of the best full color 3D printer ideal for 3D printing figurines. There are many reasons why we use the Projet 660 to print our figurines,
firstly, high quality prints, the CJP Projet 660 pro provides a very high resolution full color 3D printing specifically for figurines. Secondly, the Industry reference, It is no doubt that CJP Projet 660 is one of the best choices for many 3D printing companies when it comes to having an in-house all-in-one 3D figurine solution. And lastly, it has one of the largest print volume of (254 × 381 × 203 mm) for a full color 3D printer, big enough to print large 3D figurines or individual portraits.

What are the benefits of 3D printing for figurines? Hear from the experts.

3D figurines: A Unique gift to capture your Memories in 3D

3D Figurines are amazing gifts to remember special occasions like birthdays, graduations or weddings. They are a great customized replacement to photographs where you can touch and feel the entire model.

Action Hero Figure: A Customized action figure or 3D Printed toy

3D printed figurines can be custom made to your likes and dislikes, imagine having a superhero 3D printed figure with your own face on it, isn’t that amazing! Similarly the possibilities of 3D figurine creativities are endless.

Get in touch with our sister company SKLPTOR which is dedicated only for figurines.
Our latest tool lets you create a mini statue (Figurine) of anyone, in 5 minutes! Once you are done customizing, we will 3D Print it and ship your Mini Statue to anywhere in the world.
Just Upload 3 images, select your gender, outfit and hair style. We will take care of everything else!

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