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Idriss B – Giant 3D Printed Turtles Models Promoting Turtles Rehabilitation Project

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022
Idriss B Jumeirah Al Naseem
Idriss B. Jumeirah Al Naseem

Sea turtles abound in the glistening Arabian Gulf. Thousands of these fascinating animals live in the sea near Dubai, dip, dive, and flourish in warm, tropical seas. Turtles are unfortunately endangered by a variety of factors, including hunting, boat strikes, marine pollution, and coastal development. This is where Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project comes in. The wonderful center, located near Jumeirah Al Naseem, rescues, rehabilitates and releases turtles into the ocean. The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Operation, headquartered inside the five-star Jumeirah Al Naseem hotel, has rescued, rehabbed, and released 1,600 turtles since its inception in 2004.

How 3D printing is being utilized to aid endangered animals like sea turtles? 3D printing is not just utilized for 3d printing prosthetic shells or flippers; it can also aid in crucial conservation programs. The Jumeirah hotel group is promoting awareness for sea turtle conservation with the installation of some amazing 3D Printed turtle structures in Dubai.

Idriss B, a French/Tunisian artist in Dubai, likes making one-of-a-kind polygonal art and has already worked on several very incredible projects around the beautiful city in Dubai and around the world. For Jumeirah’s turtle conservation program, he recently produced nine giant 3D printed polygenic turtle sculptures, and this is where Proto21 stepped in.

Green Turtle Sculpture
Green Turtle Sculpture Jumeirah Al Naseem

Proto21 collaborated with Idriss B and created nine giant turtles. We met the renowned artist Idriss B and understood all of his requirements before accepting the challenge. After meeting the artist, we gathered or dedicated design and printing team members discussed the requirements, and started working on the project. The entire model was 3D printed with multiple parts using different techniques and technologies such as FDM 3d printing for the body and Industrial Plastic Fiber for the turtle shells. We used 43 FDM printers to fabricate the turtles using PLA along with industrial resin hard coating for heat resistance, strength, and protection against humidity. We used almost 125kg of PLA material.

Pir Arkam x Idris B
Pir Arkam – Left (Founder & CEO of Proto21) & Idris B – Right (Renowned Artist) with Giant Turtle

The 3D printed turtle sculptures were created using a sustainable approach, it reasonable given the project’s conservation goal. It was important for us to use environmentally friendly materials, our 3D printing team used Filamentive’s eco-friendly recycled PLA filament to highlight the importance of environmental protection while also reducing the overall environmental impact.

White Turtle
White Turtle in Turtle T by Idriss B.

 The 3D printed models are installed at multiple locations throughout Dubai, including The Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The models were inaugurated by Project Ambassador Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan bin Khalid Al Qasmi.

Jumeirah Group launched Turtle Tea by Idriss B at the Al Naseem’s Al Mandhar Lounge, when guests first walk into the hotel lobby, they will witness one of the 3D printed turtles from the Idriss B collection, while others will be scattered throughout the property. They’ll also be treated to an afternoon tea with sweet and savory vegan treats, all served on top of chrome turtle sculptures.

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