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3D Printed Conveyor System Roller For ACME

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

Unsustainable resources have always been important in business and trade, and they continue to be to this present day. When it comes to demonstrating how these resources can be supplemented by cutting-edge technology, the roller conveyor proves to be the ideal illustration. The conveyor system is designed to provide cost-effective and flexible service to the utility. The roller conveyor system has shown its efficiency and effectiveness in a variety of applications, including food outlets, packing warehouses, transportation companies, and other conveying workstations.

A conveyor system is capable of transporting items, raw materials, packaged boxes, products, and other items from one location to another within the same premises or warehouse, and is used in a variety of industries as a primary tool for material handling. In general, the conveyor roller system is useful for all sizes of organizations that deal with the transportation of big boxes, sharp items, and bulky products.

HP Roller
Original Conveyor Roller Image

One of the leading logistics companies & warehouse automation solution providers in UAE “ACME” reached out to us for a 3d printed solution for conveyor systems. They wanted reliable and robust prototype solutions to replace the old rollers for a company like DHL. With only images received from ACME, our dedicated team helped the company by creating 3D designs. After creating the 3D designs, we reverse-engineered the 3d models to make the new design better and robust than the original parts. The first design was tested and improved with multiple prototypes to improve the performance, durability, and speed of the conveyor system then a batch of low-volume production (100 Pieces in total) was executed to replace all the damaged rollers for “ACME”.

We 3D printed the Conveyor system with HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printed using PA12 Nylon material, which is a highly efficient polymer powder that can produce strong, functional, and complex parts. The results turned out better than the originals, the final parts were not only strongerreliable, and durable but had improved speed.

3D Printed Conveyor Roller
3D Printed Conveyor Roller – Low-Volume Production

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