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Large 3D Printed Dragon Model With A Globe

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

 dragon is a legendary mythical creature that has appeared in the folklore of many cultures throughout the world. In western cultures, dragons have been shown as winged, horned, four-legged, and capable of breathing fire since the Middle Ages. They have always been fascinating mythical creatures for many. Similarly, our client who is an interior contracting company reached out with an inquiry for a 3D printed Dragon. Proto21 is no stranger to the dragon projects, in past, Proto21 has successfully worked on a similar type of model for Ajlani Motors, their 3D printed model shows a dragon emerging from the egg which is a logo and inspiration for the Ajlani Drakuma Supercar as shown in the picture below.

3D Printed Dragon Model for Ajlani Motors
3D Printed Dragon Model for Ajlani Motors

Similarly, our client wanted a 3D printed dragon in a specific pose holding a globe and provided us with the rough pencil sketch. At Proto21 we love challenges, after receiving the rough sketch of the dragon we knew it would be a challenging task. However, after being approached by the client on understanding our capabilities and entrusting us with such a unique project they knew we would be the only 3D printing company in the MENA region who are capable of pulling this off. Therefore, we took the challenge and went on the urgent meeting internally and started the project as soon as we received the green light from the client. At first, we started improving the project with better sketches as it acts as a basic foundation that relies on arts and décor. We needed to improve the dragon’s posture for durability and its personality for eye-popping details. Our talented designers at Proto21 modify online 3D files to give the model jaw-dropping details without compromising on its quality.

3D Printed Purple Globe
3D Printed Purple Globe for Dragon Model


The entire model was 3D printed with various parts using multiple 3D printing technologies such as the advanced HP MJF 3D printers along with SLA technology. Our highly experienced and skilled post-processing team carefully complied the multiple 3D printed parts together and later finished the dragon with an extreme level of details and finishing to Dragon itself as well as to the Globe which the dragon was holding. The painting job was done with top-quality European imported paint to achieve the final look and perfect finishing in 3 colors. The whole project was completed with a record-breaking internal time of just 10 days only from receiving the sketch to the installation on-site!

Large 3D Printed Model with globe
Final Result of 3D Printed Dragon Grasping Globe

The model is a perfect example of Proto21’s ability as a 3D Printing farm to meet our client’s needs by combining diverse technologies and expertise such as 3D printing, model design and making detailed post-processing, and other high end finishing services to integrate all of the designs aesthetic and practical aspects.

3D Printed Dragon After Installation
3D Printed Dragon After Installation

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