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3D Printed Laser Hair Removal Device

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

The medical industry gains a lot from additive manufacturing’s design flexibility, adaptability, and functional integration. This opens up a world of possibilities for manufacturers of dentures, medical and orthopedic technologies, orthoses, and prostheses. Based on patient-specific data, there is total control over the forms, materials, and specialized designs, allowing for more personalized treatments, simplified biomechanical reconstruction, and rapid implementation of revolutionary therapeutic approaches.

Designers can simply make adjustments thanks to the versatility of 3D printing, which eliminates the need for extra equipment or tools. Furthermore, with the help of 3D printing designers can prototype the medical equipment as innovation is more than a buzzword in health care than it is in any other business. It’s essential for enhancing patient care, increasing results, and responding to a fast-changing market. The basic issue of medical device development is to go to market quickly with clinically useful and viable solutions.

Proto21 got an inquiry from doctors who wanted a laser removal handpiece 3d printed with a specific requirement, they wanted to get rid of the original bulky handpiece with an easy to hold, comfortable and robust piece. It is understandable to have such requirements, the hair removal session takes hours to complete, dealing 6-7 patients daily is quite a struggle too. We understood the doctors’ requirements completely, our talented designers’ team created 3D models from scratch. In the design phase, due to their special requirements, we knew we had to prototype the original model and come up with different variations. It was also necessary for us to learn the whole mechanism, internal lenses, and the machine’s electronics. After grasping the knowledge of the machine, we prototyped the design and came up with different variations of the handpieces, we 3d printed all variations and showed them to the client for approval. After several iterations and prototypes, we were finally able to perfect the design and achieve the precision of the laser as required.

The whole project took 4 months to complete, and the project road map started from the inquiry. We took inspiration from the original design and created sketches of it. After sketches, our talented designers at Proto21 took inspiration from it and created reverse-engineered 3d models. We 3d printed multiple iterations for approval and 3d printed in low volume for the delivery.


We are turnkey 3d printed solution providers in the MENA region, offering a wide range of technology and materials when it comes to 3D printing. We offer FDM, SLA, HP Multi Jet Fusion, and Color Jet Printing technologies. Being professional in engineering, medical, and industrial design, we understand the needs of every client and help them get their desired models throughout the whole process. To reach us out please contact us via one of the phone numbers provided below or us your queries through the website, email, or any social media platforms provided below:

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  • Pir Arkam is the founder & CEO of Proto21 a 3D Printing Service Catering across a wide range of industries manufacturing & prototyping solutions

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