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3.5M tall Drill Bits for ADNOC Headquarters in Abu Dhabi

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is an oil company owned by the state of The United Arab Emirates (UAE). ADNOC is the world’s 12th largest oil company by production and it is one of the most dynamic, and influential petroleum companies in the world. There are sixteen subsidiary firms under ADNOC Group in the upstream, midstream, and downstream stages of production and it is a gas development company that works on both onshore and offshore gas fields. ADNOC headquarters skyscraper is located in one of the most prominent urban sites, in Abu Dhabi, a double skin façade, solar glazing, and outside LED lighting are among the building’s energy efficiency and sustainable technical features. The building complex was designed by HOK, has over 75 stories, and includes an office tower, corniche club, crisis management center, historical museum, and other support facilities.


ADNOC Headquarters
ADNOC Headquarters Image by ADNOC Group

ADNOC is a reputable petroleum company and Proto 21 3D Printing L.L.C was honored to work with such a company on a high-profile project employing ADNOC drill bits.

Inspired by the original, Proto21 designed, 3D printed, and mounted iconic three drill bits at ADNOC Group headquarters in Abu Dhabi. These large replicas of drill bits stand 3 meters tall and were manufactured in sections by using 3D printing technology and Polystyrene resin material. The models were shipped in pieces and later assembled on-site by following structural analysis and 3D designs.

ADNOC Drill Bit

Apart from large 3.5 drill bits, Proto21 3d printed medium size replicas of the original 600kg behemoth which were previously displayed in the lobby of ADNOC headquarters. The replicas that we 3D printed not only weigh 16kg but were also safe and easy to move around. Our 3d printed replicas can be placed anywhere, even on the glass side table for display purposes.

3D Printed Replicas
3d Printed Replicas of Large ADNOC Drill Bits showcased inside the Headquarters

Furthermore, we 3D printed 150 miniature drill bit trophies for ADNOC Group Industries without compromising the look and feel of the original drill bits. We took one week to produce 150 miniature trophies; with the help of different 3D printing technologies and expert post-processing, we were able to achieve an extreme level of detailing and precision.

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