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How 3D Printed Oil & Gas Models Help You Stand Out at Trade Exhibitions

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

Trade exhibitions are important marketing and networking platforms for numerous industries. With Expo 2020 just around the corner, Dubai and the rest of the UAE has emerged as a global destination of business exhibitions, events and trade shows. All seven emirates have fantastic exhibition venues that feature state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated resources.

For the oil and gas industry, trade exhibitions represent opportunities to gain media exposure, grow brand awareness, and do business. Many industry professionals attend trade exhibitions to showcase their latest products and services.

With so many businesses all vying for attention, an innovative approach is required to stand out at such events.

Unlike some other industries, it is not easy to bring real-life oil and gas products and services to such venues. An international vendor will have difficulty displaying a large-sized heavy machine like pressure control equipment due to costs associated with shipping, storing and import regulations.

To circumvent this challenge, many businesses turn to computer-aided design (CAD) model displays to showcase their products and services. CAD models help exhibition attendees and prospective customers with product visualization. But there’s nothing quite like engaging with a scaled physical model.

Advancements in 3D printing technology enable businesses to deliver elevated effects at the next oil and gas trade exhibition. Businesses can leverage rapid prototyping to create perfectly 3D printed scale models of their latest products and services.

Benefits of 3D Printed Scale Models

For businesses looking for something beyond large photos or on-screen 3D rendered visualizations, realistic scale models is the way to go. As the saying goes, “seeing is believing.”

3D printed scale models give attendees a first-hand glimpse at how a product works.

Engaging product demonstrations enable businesses to educate attendees. After the product demonstration, a qualified trade exhibition team member can field questions, provide solutions and encourage attendees to become qualified leads.

Moreover, scale model product demonstrations have the ability to showcase product features and functionality. Such precise demonstrations allow businesses to showcase the uniqueness of their product’s features in greater detail.

There are many uses to 3D scale models in oil and gas trade exhibitions. 3D scale models can be printed for health and safety training, layout displays of oil and gas facilities, or as mentioned, highlight new functionalities and features in the latest product or service launch.

The Proto21 Advantage

At Proto21, our 3D printing technologies allow us to create highly detailed and precise scaled presentation models. We provide a full suite of solutions for our clients that include:

  • 3D design engineering
  • On-demand additive manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping services

Our 360-degree approach to 3D printed model displays ensures you have the best solution for your trade exhibition needs. This can include anything from customized painting and branding to delivery and installation.

To ensure you have realistic scale models that draw attendees to your booth and engage in dialogue, we accompany you through each step of the project. As a 3D printing service company, we have the skills, mastery and experience with 3D printing technology to help you create something that stands out in the minds of potential customers.

We also have years of experience in material properties. We have a library of different 3D printing materials featuring plastics, polyamide, sandstone and resin. Such variety allows us to manufacture, finish and paint any presentation scale model your business requires.

Unsure about the right type of materials you need to achieve precise life-like presentation models? We can provide materials recommendation that can match your application requirements for any product display or service demonstration.

If your goal at the next industry trade exhibition is to display a product that engages and delivers elevated effects that drive business leads, then rapid prototyping scale modeling is a cost-effective way to promote, educate, sell and facilitate industry relationships.

Don’t get relegated to the periphery at the next oil and gas trade exhibition. Let Proto21 bring your products, ideas and concepts to life with realistic 3D printed scale models.

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