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Chrome Painting On 3D Printed Parts In Dubai, UAE

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

Many of us know that 3D printing has endless possibilities and keeps getting better with new transition in the market, Just when you imagine how much more exciting 3D printing could possibly be, here is our Chrome Painting technique to enhance the appearance of your 3D printed models, giving them a beautiful and artistic finish. It also creates elegance and adds strength to the 3D printed parts. Chrome or Chromium finish is a metal finish which increases the aesthetic appearance of a 3D model and keeping the parts protected from rust or erosion.

Chrome Painting is a complicated job and requires paint booths with right equipment, correct temperature setting and experienced professionals to handle every step of the process. And here at Proto21, we have the capacity and experience to do as many as number of Chrome paint jobs from small to big size in-house. We are known for our chrome paint jobs in Dubai and our portfolio speaks for itself. We offer chrome painting as an artistic element in different colors as per our client requirement bringing out the uniqueness in each 3D printed parts.

What is the Procedure

To apply chrome finishing, there are different techniques like spray cans, spray guns or air brushes depending on the surfaces but chrome painting is more of detailing than a regular painting job. The initial process is cleaning and priming, followed by several base coats. The painting itself can even be done in various steps, by adding one layer at a time, wait for it to dry and then decide to add another. The parts are then carefully washed with distilled water to remove dust particles and placed in a clean temperature controlled environment that is free of any dust.

Why Chrome finish is important for your business

Chrome finishing is known to add an artistic element to your 3D printed parts but also makes it a marketing tool especially when you are engaged in industries like manufacturing or art.  It is also going to attract a huge number of users looking for a unique touch to their parts. Being able to finish and produce parts in chrome painting is very desirable especially for sectors like automotive, aviation and aerospace. Proto21 3D Printing ensures that you have the freedom and options to bring your ideas and concepts into reality within a short period of time but in the most effective way.

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