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3D Printed Dragon Model For Ajlani Motors Drakuma Hypercar By Proto21 in-Dubai UAE

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

Supercars have always been inspired by unique concepts, Ferrari has a black prancing horse as their logo, Lamborghini’s bull logo shows their founder’s extreme interest in Spanish bullfighting sport, similarly the two flying wings in Bentley, Jaguar’s roaring face of a Jaguar and dodge ram are all unique concept designed with passion and vision.

Similarly, the ‘Drakuma’ is a Hypercar concept design by the CEO of Ajlani Motors, Bashar Ajlani with a long held vision to become the next Pagani. After 5 years of crafting, the Drakuma hypercar was finally unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show in 2019. According to statements, this model unveiled at the show is only a full-size mock-up but the company will be moving to production in the future with a 1200 horsepower engine and V8 Biturbo engine. Still being in the concept phase, the hypercar is believed to have two seats and carbon fiber body with the doors of the drakuma opening like a dragon’s wing.

While drakuma car certainly stole the show, a gorgeous 3D printed sculpture of a dragon enriched the event by attracting visitors. This state of art of the dragon model is 3D printed by Proto21 after being approached by Bashar Ajlani on understanding our capabilities and entrusting us with a huge part of his dream project. A few other parts of the drakuma car like the left and right design parts of the car were also 3D printed by us. It also completes Proto21 goal not to compromising when it comes to quality.


As seen, the 3D printed model shows a dragon emerging from the egg which is the logo and inspiration for the Ajlani Drakuma Supercar. The entire model was 3D printed as various parts using different 3D printing technologies like the most advanced HP MJF technology and SLA technology. The 3D printed parts were carefully put together and later finished with paint job complete the dragon model. The Painting job was done by our highly experienced and skilled team using top quality European imported paint to achieve the final look and mirror finish.

The Drakuma project is a huge example of the capacity of Proto21 as a 3D printing company to become a part of the clients’ requirement and bring together different technologies like 3D Printing, model making, chrome paining and other high quality finishing services to combine all the aesthetic and functional part of the design.

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