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Realistic Architectural Scale Models – Nigeria Town House

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022

Architectural scale models serve as a great communication tool in the Architectural and Urban planning industry especially to depict the architectural ideas that originate in the minds of the Architects. The oldest architectural scale model appeared in the Han Dynasty in China; a wood pavilion made of soil embryo. And as the complexity of building projects increased, architectural scale models were intensively used in construction projects to demonstrate realism and design details.

Vintage Architecture Structure
Vintage Architecture Structure

In modern architecture, it evolved into a new architectural and design style in the twentieth century. The emphasis on volume, asymmetrical compositions, and simple adornment became hallmarks of the style. Ornamentation was still used in several early modern architectural styles. For example, Frank Lloyd Wright would include art glass windows to eliminate the need for further artwork. Aside from that, modern architecture is mostly analytical rather than classy. Since the latest decades of the twentieth century, architectural scale models have been considered as the best way to represent an architect’s abstract level of ideas.

Burj al-Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Burj al-Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Flickr / Sam Valadi

Proto21 3D Printing company successfully executed one of the largest architectural scale model jobs for a townhouse project in Nigeria. Our in-house architects designed different technologies to bring the most realistic-looking architectural buildings for clients in Lagos, Nigeria. Just like all the projects in Proto21 the scale model project went through three stages of perfection.

  •  Design Phase
  • Production Phase
  • Assembly Phase

In the design phase, it is very important to analyze the sketch-up file and prepare the design for exporting all elements to AutoCAD to achieve the best results. This is why at Proto21, we work with several advanced 3D software, most of which were awarded to us by the Autodesk software impact program due to the positive impact of our work, you can read more about our Autodesk program here. To export the sketch-up file to CAD, our talented 3D designers carefully removed any unwanted elements, change and adjust the layers like text, dimensions that were not required. When working with building models or civil structures, all the geometrical components also need to be analyzed and adjusted.

Realistic Architecture Model

In the production phase, we understand our clients’ requirements and expectations and our scale modelers use their expert craftsmanship, along with different 3D printing technologies, CNC, Laser cutting, 3D modeling, lighting design, landscape design, and interior design techniques to achieve the highest details for all the model elements. The model consists of different blocks of townhouses to match the style essence and interior décor requirements of its residents. The townhouse models had different floors with each room was custom designed from lighting to flooring. Every detail in the scale model was emphasized to bring out the reality and improve the aesthetics.


The model had different sections mounted on three different custom-built podiums to exhibit the different areas of the entire townhouse project. The whole project was completed in just one month’s time starting from design to production, painting, and assembly. With the help of 3D Printing technologies and traditional scale modeling methods, we made extremely detailed precise to scale, state-of-the-art models. After pouring in hard work and expertise, we shipped the models to Lagos in Nigeria with express care shipping. Only Proto21 can bring out this great quality work in such a short lead time in the MENA because of our in-house capabilities and talented multi-disciplinary team. The model is currently being exhibited in a property development Trade Show in Nigeria. Click Here to view the Instagram Post.

Final Models Specifications:

2 units of 1:75 Scale Models: 1500 x 750 x 200 mm

1 Unit 1:125 Scale Model: 1000 x 500 x 850 mm

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