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Proto21 is equipped with the largest 3D printing farm in the MENA region, with sixty-five industrial 3D printers. Our designers are equipped with the latest 3D printing software from ‘Autodesk’ that converts the ideas into 3D printable files. It’s safe to say 3D printing is most often used for prototyping. Its ability to quickly manufacture a single part enables product developers to validate and share ideas in a cost-effective manner.

Determining the purpose of your prototype will inform which 3D printing technology will be the most beneficial. Additive manufacturing can be suitable for a range of prototypes that span from simple physical models to parts used for functional testing. Selecting the right process comes down to aligning the advantages and limitations of each technology to your application’s most important requirements. In the early stages when ideas are being thrown around and all you need is a model to share with a colleague, those stair-stepping surface finishes on your part aren’t of much concern. But once you hit the point where you need to conduct user testing, factors like cosmetics and durability start to matter. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution, properly utilizing 3D printing technology throughout product development will reduce design risk and, ultimately, result in better products.

Types Of 3d Printing Technologies

We have a fully equipped printing farm that consists of 50 FDM 3D printers. Our fleet of machines includes cartesians, corexy and delta types, and is capable of printing models of up to 120 centimeters, in one piece. With our ProJet 660Pro, we can incorporate CMYK 3D printing to produce beautiful and photo-realistic full spectrum models to better represent our client ideas. Our HP MJF 4200 series 3D printer is capable of producing up to 1,100 parts a week. It can produce 3D printed parts, which can withstand temperatures up to 200 degree Celsius. With our formlabs and industrial grade SLA printers, we are able to produce detailed and high surface quality prints in a variety of materials. By using subtractive manufacturing we can produce large models. Our 4D CNC Router, can carve out objects from an existing block of material allowing us to produce extremely large models suitable for outdoor applications. We can cut flat sheet of plastics and metals of upto 18mm thickness, with our high-power laser cutting machines.

Laser Cutting
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Fusion Printer
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Fused Deposition

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