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We are an Additive Manufacturing company specializing in manufacturing parts and products using 3D Printing technology in combination with other conventional manufacturing processes like Laser cutting, CNC router and vacuum casting. We also have a highly skilled post-production team that can achieve a variety of finishes on the manufactured part.

Yes, our facility is located in Jebal Ali Industrial Area 1, Jebal Ali, Dubai

We require the following data to share the quote:
  • Purpose of the part
  • Size of the item- The customer needs to share the 3D file
  • Specific material requirements, if any
  • What will be the temperature and pressure conditions the part will incur?
  • The final finish and color required for the part.
  • Lead Time for the part
  • Quantity

We are specialized in reverse engineering and product design works. We will be able to assist you to make the 3D file at a minimal charge. And we will be requiring all the above details

We love to work with .stl. We can also accept .stp and .obj files.

It depends upon the amount of work involved. We always share the timeline along with the quote. It’s usually a minimum of 2 days.

We don’t have a shipping facility but if required we can arrange shipping through any courier service with a payment.

Yes, we cater to all regions especially the Middle East, Africa and Europe

Yes, we have but it depends upon time and availability. You can contact info@proto21.ae for more details

We have the following technologies:
  • Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Stereolithography
  • HP MultiJet Fusion
  • Color Jet Printing

We use the following materials:
  • Filaments like PLA, ABS, PETG, Flexi
  • PA12 Nylon for HP MJF Printer
  • Sandstone for Color jet Printer
  • ABS Resin
  • Transparent Resin

We have Application Engineers who are experts in the field and will help you to select the best technology and material most suitable for your requirements.

We have different printers that can print different sizes. Again, the selection of printers depends upon the purpose of the part that needs to be printed.

We will be able to attain Glossy, Matt or satin finish as per the requirement. In addition, we are capable of doing Silver and gold chrome on the parts.

Yes, we do reverse engineering by scanning the part, creating a 3D file, making it printable and printing a prototype to check the fitting and finally printing the part and post-processing it to the required finish.

We can create 3D files for any model that is viable and economical to be 3D printed.

We do reverse engineering for all parts that can be 3D printed and used instead of the original part.

It depends upon the complexity of the part. A minimum of 2 days are required to reverse engineer a part and create printable 3D file.
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