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Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

At Proto21, we make use of laser cutting with a high-power laser which is directed through optics and computer numerical control to direct the beam or material. Typically, the process uses a motion control system that follows a G-code of the pattern that is to be cut onto the material. The focused laser beam then burns, melts, vaporizes or is blown away by a jet of gas to leave a high-quality surface finished edge.The laser beam is created by the stimulation of lasing materials through electrical discharges or lamps inside a closed container. A laser beam is typically under 0.0125 inches (0.32 mm) in diameter, but kerf widths as small as 0.004 inches (0.10mm) are possible depending on material thickness.

Advantages Of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting offers a number of advantages over other processes, such as reduced contamination and easier work holding.  Lasers allow for the cutting of materials that may be difficult to cut using other methods. Laser processes also provide consistently high levels of precision and accuracy with little room for human error, creating less wastage, lower energy use and subsequently lower costs. Laser cutting can be used to etch complex designs on smaller parts while still leaving metal free of burrs and with a clean cut. There is also less workpiece contamination with laser cutting than with other processes.

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