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Art And Interior

Art and Interior

The revolution of 3D printing technology and its accessibility has made it wider scale not only for prototyping designs that cannot be made through traditional manufacturing but also for art and interior designers so they can virtually apply the limitless possibilities of their imagination. With the capacity to personalize and bring into real life virtual objects, the demand for 3D printed artwork will only continue to grow and this is only the beginning.

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A New Dimension in 3D Printing: Art and Interior Decoration

3D Printing in Art and Interior decoration allows for unparalleled design exploration as it allows designers to create more complex shapes and parts, many of which could not be produced by
conventional manufacturing methods. With the evolution of the 3D printing technology, it is possible now to print and combining large 3D printed parts into unique art concepts that fits your design and taste.

Although in the beginning, printers were only capable of producing items made from plastic material, now much wider choice is available. At Proto21 we are looking into manufacturing jewelry and precious metals in the coming year. Here we help Architects and interior
designers to create new and unique designs that give the overall
ambience of a property a truly modern and cosmopolitan look.

Transform your spaces with bespoke art and design

Visual Art and
Figurines and Sculptures
Artifacts Reconstruction
Limited Edition Art Pieces

Key Benefits

New Design Flexibilities

3D printing enables artists and interior designers to design their ideas and requirement without any limitations. It helps to bring out creativity and uniqueness that was not previously possible using traditional manufacturing techniques. Often designs are often so complex that even non-art connoisseurs know that traditional manufacturing methods or manual processes wouldn’t be capable of producing such art pieces.

Initiates Creativity

As we know 3D printing is at the frontier of transcending the potential of human imagination. Especially 3D printing in art has the potential to spark creativity and give birth to new ideas. It acts as a magic portal between imagination and life-like tangible reality by empowering artists and designers capture imagination with 3D printing technology

On The Fly Customization

Art and interior decoration is dynamic. This dynamism leads custom design in most forms of creative arts. 3D printing offers a quick, reliable, and agile solution in this custom-design-
driven application. Creative professionals such as filmmakers, game designers, and set-designers have already started reaping the benefits of 3D printing in their artwork.



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