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Architecture is one of the most competitive industries today. Clients now have a vast variety of choices, making architects face tough competition. Architectural firms need to present their designs in the best possible manner to win a project. They also need to constantly innovate their designs in order to be recognized and highlighted. To motivate and inspire their clients, architects need to present physical models that best communicate the idea by showcasing the depth, dimensions and textures of a potential project.

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To meet such requirements, using 3D models and generating 3D information have become a standard among leading architects today. 3D printing inarchitecture has made it possible to develop an easy workflow that takes 3D information and convert it into physical models.

In the past, models were made by traditional methods using foam, acrylics and cardboard, which is much more labor-intensive for model-makers. The rise of 3D printing helped streamline the process. Once the 3D file is ready, you can get the 3D print of your design concept overnight.


Bespoke Interior
Scale Models
Custom Facade
Funtional Fixtures and Fitouts

Key Benefits

Design Freedom

The beauty of 3D printing is that complexity is not a limit in additive manufacturing. Any design that is imaginable is physically possible. This gives full freedom to architects and artists to design without considering manufacturing limitations.

Quality of Detail

3D printing provides cutting-edge precision and accuracy. Standard qualities start from 100 microns and go up to 26 microns of details.

Easy Iterations

Easily re-edit, reuse and reprint the models.



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