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Proto21 3D Printed Chef Burak – Burak Özdemir

  • Pir Arkam
  • June 24, 2022
Chef Burak Dubai Mall 3D Printed
Sculpture of Chef Burak in Dubai Mall – CZN Burak Restaurant

CZN Burak is a Traditional Turkish & Middle Eastern dining restaurant, it offers a wide variety of food prepared by experienced chefs of Turkey. The restaurant attracts millions of people around the world to try Turkish food from his restaurants.

Recently, Chef Burak Özdemir opened a restaurant in Downtown Dubai. He owns a chain of restaurants consisting of 4 branches. He is famous for his unique contagious smile and giant dishes, The Turkish chef has amassed roughly 25 million followers, making him a viral internet phenomenon on Instagram.

The viral sensation behind CZNBurak and being the marketing genius, Chef Burak Özdemir came up with the idea to have three sculptures of himself in his restaurant for attracting visitors, The statues were a brilliant concept for attracting guests’ attention and allowing them to take selfies with “him” – of course, he can’t be available at all times in his six restaurants across the world. Now, this is where we come in. Proto21 3D Printed Chef Burak! After receiving the inquiry along with some images of him and 2D logos, we created 3D models using pictures provided to us. Our dedicated design team used a variety of powerful tools to make his 3D models “Life Like” by putting attention to details on every pixel of all three 3D Models.

2D Logo | 3D Model of Chef CZNBurak | Dubai Mall |
Made 3D Printed models from images and 2D designs.

Creating the 3D models is just a first step of the process, selecting the right materials and technology is also a crucial part of every project. That is why we used Fused Deposition Modeling also known as FDM technology combined with Polylactide “PLA” to print his models in different parts. This brings us to the next step of the process where all the magic happens.

At Proto21, we have highly experienced painters, and post-processors that can bring the ideas into life, just like our team brought Chef Burak Özdemir concept into reality. We poured our attention, focus, and care on the project that made the sculptures look like “Him”.

Final Standing Sculptures of Chef Burak
Finished Models of Chef Burak Özdemir for CZN Burak Restaurant – Dubai Mall

Final Standing Models Size: 1.9 meters tall.

Final Sitting Model Size: 1.4 meters.


When it comes to 3D printing, we are one of the most flexible providers, offering a wide range of technologies and materials. We use FDM, SLA, HP Multi Jet Fusion, and Color Jet Printing technologies. With us, you will always find what you are searching for.

We have a wide variety of materials to pick from, which fits you the most. Being Professionals in engineering, medical, and industrial design, we target an audience for this online 3D printing business. Our company also offers its know-how to firms that are considering leaping additive manufacturing.

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