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Transparent resin

Transparent Resin

Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing can create transparent objects that, with some post-processing can be made optically clear. 3D printing on the Form 3 in clear resin is great for producing parts requiring translucency and with the right post-processing techniques, transparency. Stereolithography belongs to a family of additive manufacturing technologies known as vat photopolymerization, commonly known as resin 3D printing. These machines are all built around the same principle, using a light source—a laser or projector—to cure liquid resin into hardened plastic. The main physical differentiation lies in the arrangement of the core components, such as the light source, the build platform, and the resin tank.

Standard resin can be used to achieve astonishing detail and high-quality output without comprising strength. Engineering resins is formulated to produce functional prototypes to reduce costs, iterate faster bring better experience to market. Jewelry resin is ideal for impressive concept models and manufacture distinctive pieces with sharp resolution and the best surface finish on the market, from idea to fitting to casting. Dental resins enable high precision, low-cost digital production of a range of dental products in-house, including surgical guides, orthodontic models, retainers and aligners.

At Proto21, we work with different type of resin material based on project applications and client requirement. Resin printing is our area of expertise and we love to explore the vast possibilities of resin printing in various industries like oil and gas, architecture, medical and even functional prototypes. Some of the industry applications delivered by Proto21 are transparent prototypes, dental applications, clear bottles for various FMCG clients, architectural models for high detail and accuracy, intricate models.