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Cnc 4d Router



CNC routers are machines used to cut different types of materials, such as plastic, aluminum, wood and high-density foam. Our industrial CNC machine can cut along three directions known as the X, Y, and Z axes. The X-axis is the front to back direction, which is usually the longest. The Y-axis is the left and right direction and the Z-axis is the up and down direction. As CNC routers are faster they deliver more precision than manual cutting making them most useful in our manufacturing processes.

Our CNC router will meets all requirements for both our 2D and 3D logo and sign making processes and projects. Our technicians make use of the properties and efficiency of the  CNC machine to deliver quality projects on time with accuracy and precision.

Advantages Of CNC 4D ROUTER

The 4th axis CNC is a kind of a CNC machine that adopts DSP control system, which is used for industrial use by craftsman. It enables custom signs and Signage, badges, logos, acrylic, boards, wooden signs making, MDF signs making, aluminum signs making, stone signs making, foam signs making, plastic signs making, acrylic signs making, custom signage for indoor and outdoor use.

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