Al Bayan – Proto 21 manufactures face masks with 3D printing technology

Al Bayan – Proto 21 manufactures face masks with 3D printing technology

The environment that supports creativity, whose foundations were established by the Emirate of Dubai a long time ago, has resulted in the creation of distinct types of emerging and small companies specialized in sectors that keep pace with the requirements of the times and specialize in activities in line with the nature of life in Dubai and its ambitions to be the capital of the new global economy, by encouraging existing business and economic activities On knowledge, sophisticated thought and creativity

Twitter – Proto 21 manufactures face masks with 3D printing technology

At a time when Dubai is currently intensifying its efforts to confront the spread of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), a group of small and medium-sized companies have emerged that have expressed their desire to support these efforts with innovative solutions and products that will contribute to enhancing Dubai’s ability to address the global pandemic that has cast its shadow. On most aspects of life around the world, and by relying on advanced technologies and innovative ideas, especially since this challenge requires everyone’s cooperation and all efforts and initiatives.

Dubai Media INC – Homegrown Dubai 3D printing company pitches in to fight COVID-19

Company’s success story is a testament to Dubai’s rise as a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship

As Dubai battles the COVID-19 pandemic with comprehensive measures to safeguard the health and safety of its community, the emirate’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has come forward to support the fight on multiple fronts. A growing number of homegrown companies are pitching in to support the fight against the virus by contributing their innovation and advanced technologies.

3D Printing Media Network – Dubai Police provides 3D printed face shields to its frontline personnel combating COVID-19

As part of comprehensive precautionary measures against COVID-19, Dubai Police has provided 3D printed face shields to its frontline personnel working to combat COVID-19. Over 1,000 face shields have been provided to its officials at the forefront of fighting the pandemic.

Filamentive – The role of 3D printing during COVID-19 pandemic

On 3 March 2020, The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that severe and mounting disruption to the global supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) is putting lives at risk. The need for PPE for frontline workers is further exemplified by the fact that 10 percent and 20 percent of coronavirus cases are health care workers.

Deccan Hunt – UAE based 3D printing firm to make PPE for COVID-19

Dubai, May 10 () A UAE based 3D printing company has transformed its laboratories into a manufacturing hub to produce more than 1,000 reusable personal protective equipment for the frontline workers battling the deadly coronavirus in the country.

Proto21 would manufacture several other products such as ventilator splitters and valves for snorkel masks using bio-compatible and durable materials. Akram founded the company in May 2018 in partnership with Dubai Based Joseph Group and company and has been providing 3D printing services to a wide range of industries.