Dubai 3D printing company pitches in to fight COVID-19

The Covid-19 outbreak has definitely impacted various aspects of our daily life including closing of borders, social distancing and restricted movement for the public. Not just the public life, it has drastically affected the healthcare industry leaving hospitals and medical suppliers run out of face shields, masks, gloves, goggles, respiratory equipment, testing swabs are all in shortage. Not to mention the amount of other personal protection equipment (PPE) that is in demand due to the unexpected increase for them in the global supply chain.

Will 3D printing be the next alternative solution to bring necessary equipment into the hands of the needed?

As they say modern problems require modern solutions, 3D printing technology has gained a drastic demand during this unexpected covid-19 crisis around the world. Here at Proto21 3D printing LLC, we have been able to make use of our advanced 3D printing technologies to develop rapid solutions to stop spread of covid 19 in the UAE.  Moreover we have the capability to produce large number of high quality end parts in no time and deliver, our intense research and development team monitors the market requirement and are working closely with the healthcare professionals and experts in UAE to support people from different industries.


The 3D printed face shield mask was designed and produced by Prusa with verifications from the Czech Republic ministry of health to help hospitals and healthcare workers to replenish their demand for mask and face shields. This face shield protects your eyes and nose while being exposed to the patients and consists of 3D printed headband, lower part visor and a protective transparent sheet. Being a UAE based company, we have made necessary changes and improvements in the design and our printers are busy producing these 3D printed face shields at the moment.


This personal protective half mask provides a high degree of protection and comes with filter material replacement and can be reused after disinfection. It meets the same degree protection of a FFP3 (Filtering face piece) class respirator.  Proto21 has been the first to try these prototypes in Dubai UAE.


As the Covid 19 pandemic spreads, many hospitals and other healthcare facilities are facing the shortage of medical equipment especially ventilators to care of the critically ill Covid 19 patients, however 3D printing experts together with medical professionals  have developed 3D printed ventilator splitters to extend the capacity of a single ventilator to treat multiple patients. While one ventilator can support only a single patient, with the help of 3D printed 2 way splitter or a 4 way splitter different patients can be assisted based on their health conditions and ventilator settings.


This design of the hands-free door openers are developed by careful analyses by the materialize risk prevention team to fight against the spread of corona virus. As door handles are one of the most germ-infested part in offices, factories, houses and hospitals, covered arms can avoid further passing on COVID-19. This solution is easy to install and has been tested and validated. Proto21 has already made prototypes for customers in UAE and are awaiting for their approvals.